Steve Dinsdale

Steve Dinsdale is a self taught artist who works in oils producing incredible works of art.

Beneath the thick layers of oil paint lies Steve’s fascination with colour and contrast. Inspired by Impressionist painters like Monet, the Nottingham-based artist manipulates the medium to create depth and texture.

Using a combination of brushes and a palette knife, he starts by painting the canvas a flat colour – often black – before gradually adding layers of oil. Following this, he scrapes away the paint to reveal the canvas beneath. Quick, instinctive flicks of colour bring each scene to life.

All artworks begin with a reference from a photograph he has taken or a captured still from a film. Figures are silhouetted so the viewer can imagine themselves in the scene.

Steve says: “I find influences in all aspects of life and strive for each piece to invoke the emotion and drama of its setting. My own journey of self-discovery has enabled me to develop a fresh and distinctive style.”


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